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The AMOS Ring
A web ring with lost more AMOS users, and more up to date than this page.
Bob Akerberg
Home grown Amos games.
Greg Sikorski
(URL was:
Joe Hickman
Games, utilities, demos.
Lee Howarth
Diskmagazine, sources.
(URL was:
Sources, games, requests for help with AMOS projects, a little info on AMOS.
Mushroom PD
Pages concerning the Amos programming language. New and improved. These pages will even make your coffee.
URL was:
Games under development.
(URL was:
Richard Smith
(URL was:
Steve Bye
Owner of F1 Licenceware. The only(?) official distributor of Amos Pro Compiler (which is also the update to Amos Pro v.2.0)
(URL was:
5th Dimension Licenceware/Saddletramps PD
A public domain library.
(URL was:

Other AMOS resources

The AMOS Development Group
These folks have started the task of bugfixing, updateing en improving AMOS.
(URL was:
The Amos Discussion List
To subscribe to this list do the following:
AMOS newsgroup
There is also a newsgroup for discussion of the AMOS programming language.
URL: news:alt.religion.amos
> The Amos directory
Aminet is the largest collection of freely distributable files in the world. (1997) It has got a directory especially dedicated to AMOS. Amongst others, you can find most of the transcripts of messages to the Amos Discussion List here. These message archives also contain the Amos Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
> Clickteam's AMOS pages
Francois Lionet's company Clickteam released the source code to both AMOS and STOS. It can be downloaded from their website.
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> The homepage of this site.
> Links to services.
> Links to product groups.
These are the original publishers of the entire Amos range.



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