Ordered hotlist

Disclaimer: These links were originally gathered for my personal use. I cannot guarantee that they are still valid or that they do not breach laws or your own personal twisted sense of moral.

Also, a number of these sites point to Dutch or other non-English language pages.

Many of these links are now broken. You may however use the Wayback Machine at archive.org to see what these pages used to look like.

February 1997, Branko Collin
(The first version, only 8k large)

May 1997
The second version at 12k.

May 2000
Checked links.

May 2003
Checked some more, but not all links.

Friends on the web

http://www.euronet.nl/~jbodde The CARTOONPALACE
This guy likes to draw. Unfortunatley, the site is full of frames.The provider, Euronet, seems to provide for private persons no more.
http://www.cs.vu.nl/~mwisse/astro.html The Astro City homepage
The unofficial official Astro City fan pages seems to have moved to a new location.


Aminet is the world's largest library of freely distributable files.
Miami home page
Miami is a fully automised TCP/IP stack. While you drink your coffee, Miami and the computer of your ISP will negotiate all the details.
http://www.uni-mainz.de/~ruppert/amiga/amiga.html Amiga Projects
??? Seems to have stopped existing.
Amiga Web Directory - Main Page
The Mega Amiga hotlist is no more, but you will still find links to important Amiga sites here.
The designer of the Amiga OS is working on a new programming language. It is called Rebol, is completely cross-platform and very well suited for writing personalised internet applications.
HTTPJ - The Support Page
HTTPJ will collect HTML files for you - for instance, when you want to check if your links are still valid. (URL was: http://www.dsi.unive.it/~pghezzo/httpj.html)
Gui-FTP Support Site
A FTP-program.
AmiFTP - The Amiga FTP client
Another FTP program.
VaporWare - Voyager
The support pages of this WWW browser.
Wouter van Oortmerssen's WWW page
The author of the E programming language.
The Mushroom PD Homepages!!!!!
Pages concerning the Amos programming language. Warning: The number of inline graphics on this site managed to crash my browser once! (URL was: http://www.mushy-pd.demon.co.uk)
www.amicrawler.com/search2/amicrawler/banners/index.html Advertise Your Amiga Site
A ring of advertisements. You advertise one product and someone else advertises your product.
Convergence International
An initiative to bring together the developers of the 4 "A"s (Acorn, Amiga, Apple, Atari) in the hope to make a stance against the Wintel consortium.
> http://www.europress.co.uk/content.html Welcome to Europress on-line
> http://www.europress.co.uk/sidebar.html Sidebar
Two frames of the Europress site. Originally the publisher of Amos, now they are Amiga-haters to the bone. Of course they know little about the web, because they broke these links.
Michiel den Outer
Some very nice tools to enhance your web graphics. This programmer of graphics software for the Amiga seems to have removed all files from his website. (URL was: http://www.luna.nl/~michiel/)
Amiga YAM Homepage
There's this mail reader I used, and it can be found here.


The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
A web server.
WebTechs Validation Service
(was: http://www.hensa.ac.uk/html-val-svc/)
(was: http://www.mirror.ac.uk/services/validator/)
Check your webpages for valid HTML. Has this always been a mirror of the W3C validator?
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
The guys and gals that brought us the plague known as WWW.
Network News Transport Protocol
So how does this News thing really work?
Converting HTML to other formats
All the conversion tools you could want. (Well, almost all).
http://www.ix.netcom.com/search.html Search for e-mail addresses
Actually, this is a search page of the ISP Netcom, but I am to lazy to link to the actual search machines.
Submit It!: The Web Site Promotion Tool
Ah, one of these pages that shouldn't be left out from a links list. Go here to tell all the important search pages of your site.
Spam is to the internet what crime is to the real world. Don't stick your head in the sand like a mindless zombie - fight it!
(URL was: http://www.xs4all.nl/~rop/spam/) Site dead, but Spamvrij may be worth checking out too.
WebCom Guide - "server side includes"
A bit hard to explain this, but if your ISP forbids CGI, then this may be an option.
Welcome to the InterNIC
Go here if you want to know how exactly the internet works. Not for the faint hearted.
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
An easier to understand approach to learning valid HTML than the official specifications provide.
Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples
See the HTML 3.2 tags and attributes in action! (URL was: http://www.hut.fi/%7Ejkorpela/HTML3.2/)
The Common Gateway Interface
An introduction to the use of programmable web sites. This one works without Java, kids!

Other computer related stuff

http://www.corel.com/partners_developers/ds/index.htm WordPerfect Developer Support
When Novell were still the owners of Wordperfect, they had the worst designed webpage in the world. Apparently, when buying WP from Novell, Corel thought that they too should have the worst designed webpage in the world. Here's the result of that fine contest.
Welcome To Be, Inc.
Dare to Be different, some guys at Apple thought, and hey presto!, they designed a completely new OS that takes full advantage of multiple processors.


http://www.cosmix.com/webtools/clipart.html Macintosh - Clip Art
More free graphics
Scriptwriting Resources on the Web
What's nice about these pages is that they have got (links to?) reviews of famous films from a script writer's point of view.
People Photos, used to be at: http://swissnet.ai.mit.edu/samantha/people-photos.html
This is a site of many wows. First, it is loaded - and when I say loaded I mean loaded - with photographs. Second, I read somewhere in the author's travel journals that he has been on the net for 15 years (and I thought I was ageing with my 7 years). Third, he was the first photographer who, after I searched the web for a long time, gave me permission to use one of his photographs in a magazine article (see his copyright pages for details).


Emmers Stripsite
A Dutch comics magazine.
European Comics on the Web
A full index to comics of the European style. This is one of the best websites I know.
Hergé's Syldavian was: http://www.tezcat.com/~markrose/syldavian.html"
A grammar of the Syldavian language.
KIEKEBOE, used to be at: http://studwww.rug.ac.be/~fcuppens/kiekeboe/index.htm
All you wanted to know about Kiekeboe.
Gerts niet-taalkundige publikaties (linked to: http://onyx.arts.kuleuven.ac.be/~gert/algeme.html)
Articles about comics.
Info about the Dutch comics mailing list.
Nederlandse Striptop Aller Tijden 1996
The results of this poll.

Jeff Minter

About the Yak (linked to: http://magicnet.net/~yak/yak.html)
So who is this Jeff Minter? - a short bio of his beastly features.
The grunting Ox (linked to: http://magicnet.net/~yak/gnugnus.html)
The latest exerpts of Jeff's (programming) diary.
Yak's zoo (linked to: http://magicnet.net/~yak/zoo.html)
Links to the weird and wonderful world of this game programmer and beastie fan extraordinaire, including, including!, a gallery of Flossie, the Most Beautiful Sheep in the World.


1997 Masters Leaderboard - Top 25 Players (was: http://domino.masters.org/masters/leaderbd.html)
The site of the Masters
GOLFonline -- Golf news, golf tips, and golf resources from GOLF Magazine
A top international golf site
GolfWeb - Everything Golf on the World Wide Web!
Another top international golf site
Welkom op Golfnet NL (was: http://www.golfnet.nl/frmain.htm)
A national, and so not so top, golf site.


http://www.euromed.nl/otc/ De Internet Apotheek
A chemist.
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 46.78N 8.46E (16.0X) (linked to: http://pubweb.parc.xerox.com/map/border=1/ht=22.50/lat=46.12/lon=10.22/wd=45.00?240,121)
A little piece of planet Earth.
http://www.efteling.nl/efteling/het_park/boek.html EFTELING : sprookjesboek
A book of fairytales. A non-website
Océ-Job market home http://www.oce.com/JOBS/DEFAULT.HTM
Jobs at Oce, I guess.
Stichting Zuinigheid met Stijl
How to be a scrooge, and enjoy every minute of it.
http://surf.germany.eu.net/webland/p14/fanpages.html Webland's Official and unofficial fanpages
A collection of fan pages.
JobZone - home page
Looking for a job?
http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/ee61cj/nfindex.htm"> ACES Home Page(Non-frames)
Rockpalast Gästeforum
The guestbook of one of the best music programs on earth.
www.rockpalast.de (was http://www.wdr.de/tv/rockpalast/)
The homepage of abovementioned music program.