curriculum vitae


Branko Collin
date of birth
2 January 1968
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
virtual locations (private) (business)
I am a generalist. I am very quick at reaching solutions to complex problems, because I know a little about everything and so I always know where to start tackling a problem. I am not very good at work that requires a decent hand-eye coordination.
Reading, writing (short stories, comic strips), sports (golf, athletics), computing.


Job history

Another thing

Something I have learned a lot from is the six year period I worked for the Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad (General Student Magazine of Nijmegen). This mag is run by amateurs, but you would not say that if you saw the output. The organisation is by far the most professional I have worked for. In those six years I have been writer, DTP'er and publisher.

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